Brooke Roe Band – Devil Went Down to Georgia

Thank you everyone for coming to see us play at Carmel & 8 Seconds Saloon!
We placed in the top 3 of 12 bands, not too shabby.
If you think 8 Seconds Saloon should have us again, email them and tell ’em we should open for a national act!

And after that, treat yourself to this video of us playing for the City of Carmel & Detour Grille 🙂

So how about that fiddle?


Upcoming show 8/24 & part of 8/25 :)

Hey everyone!
Our next show will be August 24th; we are playing outside Detour Grille in Carmel, IN from 7pm – 10 pm!
Join us for the block party 😉

After the show is over, we will be driving to 8 Seconds Saloon to compete in the Battle of the Bands afterwards!
We reaaaaaaaaaally would like y’all  to come here; we earn money for people showing up, and one of the judging criteria is the amount of people that show up!
Tickets are free!

Hope to see you for a night of fun!!

Sneak peak from our photo shoot this past week!

8 Seconds Saloon Battle of the Bands

Battle of the Bands 8 Seconds Saloon was so much fun!!

Looking forward to the finals on August 24th!!
We really NEED everyone’s support then.

**One of the judging criteria will be people that we bring in through the door!**
If there’s one favor we’re going to ask of y’all, it’s to be here at the Finals!

We’ll be at the Ale Emporium on the 21st, and you can pick up a free ticket to the finals from us;  it’ll be color coded so they’ll know you’re supporting us :).

Finals here we  come! 😀

Detour Grille

We feel as if Detour Grille is our unofficial home base; one of our first shows were here, early November last year!

Time flies for sure. But it’s always great to play there; we always have a good time!

Now off to That Place on the south side of Indy, almost Greenwood! So if you Southsiders have had excuses not to see us, your time is up! 😉

Come join us tonight July 7th at That place! Hope to see you there! 😀

Britton Tavern.

Britton Tavern was awesome.

I think this picture sums it up; our fiddle player, playing behind his back, on top of the bar. ImagePhoto courtesy of  Tim Dunn

Upcoming Shows! :)

Hey everyone,  

It’s been a whirlwind of a few months; we’ve entered two contests and done very well in both of them & received a lot of exposure! 

Come see us play soon; we’re starting to crank out originals and we’d love for you to critique and hear them!

Here’s our schedule for June & July:

06/08- THE BRITTON TAVERN                                 FRIDAY
06/12- FISHERS CONCERT SERIES                        TUESDAY
06/16- STACKED PICKLE                                        SATURDAY
07/06- DETOUR GRILLE                                           FRIDAY
07/13- BATTLE OF THE BANDS (8 Seconds Saloon)  FRIDAY
Hope to see you soon 🙂

The Place

Just played at “The Place” in Fishers, behind Claddagh, and it was awesome!

It was our first time playing a short acoustic set; we had all the couples dancing to “free fallin” and “just a kiss”, acoustic style :).

If you enjoyed it, let us know and we’ll do more!

If you didn’t get to see that, our next gig is may 19th at the Stacked Pickle in Fishers (11621 Fishers Station Dr, Fishers, IN 46038).

See you there! 🙂

Lakehouse Tavern / good food / good times =)

We just played at Lakehouse Tavern and it was a blast!
Especially with that second set and getting all those people dancing; it made for a really good night =).
We’ll get video up as soon as possible!

P.S.  The food at this place is actually REALLY good.  We’ve played there twice now, and we haven’t had a single menu item that wasn’t good.
Also, the full order of Nachos is a MOUNTAIN.  Order at your own risk of not finishing it.

As of right now, we’re gonna take a few week break as many people in the band will be on vacation for spring break.
Part of the band will be making stops in Nashville, TN, Panama City & Jacksonville, FL, and Asheville, NC.

We will be BACK at the Lakehouse Tavern as our first show back from our vacations on April 14th, we really hope you come back out then!

Britton Tavern was awesome!

We want to thank everyone who came out to support us at Britton Tavern this past weekend, it was amazing!  We packed the entire place, gave the bar thousands of dollars in business, and we’re definitely going to be playing there again!

On a random note, our fiddle player, Brook, was told by the tavern’s manager he could walk on top of the bar next time he plays “Devil Went Down to Georgia” at that bar! :))

We’re pretty sure he’s up for that.

Stay tuned for footage of the show!
In the meantime, if you want a taste, you can check out our photographer Cassie Conforti, who took some photos from the show.

See you guys at Detour Grille on the 25th!

One word in regards to Joe’s Grill- Wow.

What a show at Joe’s Grill!  Did you guys know, they have some pretty awesome food?  The Chimichanga was the size of someone’s head, and the jalapeno poppers were fried to a perfect crisp.  No joke.


More importantly though you missed some fabulous fiddle playing too; check out this remix of “Devil Went Down to Georgia” with a pretty well-known Led Zeppelin song, enjoy!